David Guetta 


As one of the most demand producers on the planet, David Guetta is poised to take electronic music out of the confines of the global underground, where he reigns as the No. 1 house DJ. Joining hands  and forces with some of the biggest names on the urban scene, while introducing some undiscovered talents, another level beckons. 

Already a multi-platinum selling artist in Europe, with three chart-topping albums to his name to date, his signature sound of quirky, electro, house and dirty pop, is igniting across the rest of the world, where it was kept a club-land secret. Until Now.

His missions is to share the love and connection Dance is built on while bringing together music scenes that co-exist but don't often mix - like NERD, Timberland and Kanye - but significantly, from another perspective. Call it Electro-Hop, R&B Dance, Hip House, whatever you want, but it's the sound that will define 2013. 

As an artist and producer, he makes music that rocks the coolest clubs and yet sits proudly on pop radio and MTV. He uniquely and boldly treads a tightrope most DJ's wouldn't dare to traverse too; the line between being an underground DJ and having huge crossover success. 

David knows what touches people; playing in over hundreds of cities every year and up to 2 millions people at a time - as well as in underground basement jams; he should.

''I'm not trying to be credible,'' David admits with a smile broadening across his soft, open face. ''I'm trying to be incredible. It's very easy to be underground, because you just have to obey a set of codes. It's very formulaic. But it's also very easy to be totally pop, because it's very formulaic too. I'm trying to do something different.''

To see Guetta wind a room into frenzy is something special. Technically, David is one of the most impressive DJs in the house scene. Almost remixing records live, he makes loops, slam  tracks together that you'd never think would go and uses vocal over other instrumentals. His sets are so dynamic that at times it's difficult to see how he keeps the energy up. To put it simply, Guetta creates moments. 

''Everything I'm trying to do - in my DJing, my production - is about sharing emotions. It's what matters the most!''

The Alphabeat